Project Description

TYMI-Office Building

Location: Saveh
Type: Office
Size: 3500 m2
Collaborators: TMYC
Client: Private Sector
Status: Underconstruction
Date: 2009

The TMYI factory new office building and showroom has been designed as a building focused on merging office type with Iranian traditional garden concept, in order to find a new prototype for office buildings, suitable for Iran dry climate. Designed by karand, it is located in Kaveh Industrial Town near Saveh. The new office needed to include workspaces and a demonstration facility as well as provide areas of focused experimentation for research and development.

The main interior idea consisted of floating green boxes that encourage people to interact with and explore the space in diverse ways. The interior is simple and complicated as well, a quality from traditional Iranian architecture that has been forgotten.


isometric view



Office Building


Interior view


Interior view


Interior View