Karand group has won a competition to design the Alisadr ancient cave master plan which is the worlds largest water cave ,100 kilometers north of Hamadan, western Iran . The cave located in Alisadr village, in Kabudrahang county with serious environmental problems like giant sinkholes.

The main idea was to develop a model of sustainable growth that treats development principles, transportation systems and built structures as parts of a whole. The development will cover 140-hectare land and will include different residential types for 5000 people (camp, villa, hotel and farm house) with sports facilities, museum, nature school, retail, restaurants and agriculture land as a food city. The buildings will occupy 0.07% of the site, with the remaining space used for energy production and as a food hub. All energy required by the complex will be generated by solar cells and wind turbines. The site will also incorporate a greywater circuit and natural water purification.

As the farming is consuming 90 percent of water consumption in Iran and causing environmental issues in the region, a food education hub has been designed that will consolidate facilities for the growing, selling and distribution of food for local farmers, aiming to serve as a benchmark for future global food industry development.

Because of the heritage of Ibn-e Sina and his achievements in using medicinal herbs, a botanical garden was created to make it a point of reference both for the local and international community. furthermore, a Traditional Iranian Medicine care center was considered in the heart of the botanical garden.

In order to design residential complex, we considered the local horizontal pattern and stone material which organized around different courtyards.

Proposing different tourism strategies including agriculture tourism, food tourism, health tourism, nature tourism, educational tourism, sustainable tourism and rural tourism, Alisadr master plan was looking for more attractions. On the other hand, the project offers a revolutionary vision for how urbanity and agriculture can be integrated to enhance the relationship between people and the land, creating new economic opportunities for villages around the cave.




Master Plan


1400000 m2


 Alisadr Tiurism Company


 Competition- 1st place- ongoing