Project Type: Landscape ; Design: Karand Architectural Group ; Client: Provincial Government of Chahrmahal & Bakhtiari

Historic Lordegan Barm lake is nestled amidst mature evergreen trees in a 3 hectare old park. Our design aims at transforming the historic lake and park into an interwoven tapestry of small buildings and landscape that celebrate the park›s rich history while embracing the present and future of its community. The condition of the park had grown tired and underused when Karand was commissioned to restore it, including refurbishing landscapes and playgrounds, renovating lake shore and water canals, and designing a cafe and entrance plaza. The historic lake would be restored as a center for food and agriculture, an event place to host large scale gatherings
The renovated canal banks take advantage of the site’s topography, with separate pools on terraces, threaded together by a series of meandering pathways that provide an accessible route throughout the park.