Mary’s Restaurant

Project Type: Commercial- Interior; Design: Karand Architectural Group ; Client: Private Sector

The main objective of this project was to re-organize the existing building. The size and characteristics of the project and its context which is healthy takeaway foods led us to apply a green and sustainable approach in design.

The balanced combination of simple, low-cost, available materials such as rope and vegetation gives freshness to the space and simultaneously creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. On an aesthetic level, it provides identity and character.

 In brief, the general concept for this space searches for a balanced mix of simple materials and natural colors, especially green. This restaurant is where the juxtaposition of the furniture and other elements with light colors creates an intimate environment of comfort and elegance for those who want to eat healthily. As keeping the cost of implementation low was a challenge, one of the design ideas was selecting the kind of materials that are cheap and available but can be improved by some simple interventions to finally deliver a cost-effective solution.