MOGHADAM Residential Building

Project Type: Residential ; Design: Karand Architectural Group ; Client: Mr. Moghadam

The Moghadam’s old family house is a two-story building in a 510 m2 site located in an old neighborhood in district 4 of Tehran. Its reconstruction plan aims to turn the house into a five-story apartment building. The elongated shape of the site (length: 34 meters and width: 15 meters), The compactness of the plan, and the limitations in providing parking restricted the design solutions, one of the main challenges of infill development. As a result, all five floors have the same plan.

Repetition and uniformity in the plan were considered as the base of designing the façade. Traces, plants, windows and the central wooden element are the main architectural features of the façade. A deep brick frame with a diversity in openings’ size is placed on the façade. The windows are designed in an L shape to create more depth in the façade simultaneously, make the interior spaces’ view to the outside wider and more diverse. Furthermore, the natural green elements in traces not only contributes to thermal comfort but also increases the attractiveness of the façade.

Each floor has two apartments, a two-bedroom apartment with a total area of 119.5 m2 and a three-bedroom apartment with a total area of 157 m2.  10 Storages and 18 parking lots have been provided on the ground floor and -1 floor.

considering the 34-meter length of the field, one of the main challenges of design was providing natural light in the interior spaces, so more public spaces like the living room were located in the southern part of the building, facing the courtyard and getting light directly from it, and private spaces such as bedrooms were placed in the northern part, getting light from a light void.