AVINI Pedestrian Bridge- Alternative 1

Project Type: Pedestrian Bridge- Urban Space ; Design: Karand Architectural Group ; Client: Qom Municipality

Commissioned by Qom municipality, Karand architectural group developed two design alternatives for a pedestrian and cycle bridge in district 4 of Qom. Spanning over Avii highway, the bridge connects three existing and under-construction urban parks and not only facilitates better pedestrian and bicycle connections but also integrates the area as a big integrated green zone in the city.

Design alternative 1 is a 138-meter-long bridge that will sit harmoniously within the natural environment. The bridge has a viewing platform in the middle, allowing pedestrians to pause and appreciate the mountains’ landscape as well as the panoramic view of the city. Besides, it will have a vibrant mix of pedestrian and cycle paths, seating areas, and green space, connected by Qom Bird Park and Kosar park in the north and Khader park in the south. This bridge meets the city authorities and community’s desire for a sense of place that facilitates better pedestrian and bicycle connections and promotes a more sustainable living environment. This contemporary connection to the parks also has environmental values.

There are ramps at both ends of the bridge which facilitate cyclists’ and pedestrians’ movement. The south ramp is 5 meters wide and the north one is 2 meters wide (the latter is for pedestrians only). These ramps provide access to the observation deck and the seating area in the middle of the bridge, and they will make the place inclusive and accessible for all users. Pedestrians can easily use a 4.5 meters wide stair seating area with a length of 104 meters; the height difference between the lowest level of this area and the bridge’s main level is 2.5 meters. Besides, considering the hot-dry climate of the city, a canopy was designed above the seating area to provide proper shading during day.

The bridge will be a place to both pass and stay. As the project is located in the most elevated area in town, the bridge will function as a viewpoint too. People can enjoy the city silhouette as well as the beautiful landscape of surrounding mountains. This project will be an attractive place and a great destination for people to walk, interact and spend their leisure time. The design proposal has a minimal impact on the natural character of the district, and the selection of the project’s location was based on future developments and the least damage to the environment. Moreover, the green spaces on the bridge will enhance its integration to the surrounding landscape.