Regeneration of The TEHRAN-TABRIZ Railway Tunnel Ground Level

Project Type: Urban Corridor ; Design: Karand Architectural Group ; Client: Tehran Municipality

Tehran-Tabriz railway is one of the main accesses, connecting Tehran to other parts of country. As a result of developing residential area, this railway was moved to the underground level, and 50 hectares at the ground level became free. Held by Tehran municipality, the Tehran-Tabriz railway competition aimed to find the best design solution for regenerating the space and improve citizens’ image of the southern part of the city.

In this regeneration plan, we aimed to design a sustainable, livable, and pedestrian-oriented space. Regarding this approach, design policies are as follows:

  • Creating a bike path
  • Considering tram as a solution to facilitate public transport
  • Urban agriculture and building hydroponic greenhouses to produce organic food
  • Encouraging residents to urban agriculture by selling portable pots
  • Building outlets for the direct sale of organic products
  • Planting native and low-water-use plants, also covering the existing sheds with plants
  • Developing mixed uses in dead spaces
  • Creating local markets
  • Applying light-weight structures
  • Highlighting existing potentials in space
  • Providing workshops and work spaces for residents to Increase job opportunities and develop education and training programs